San Michele, Sanluri borough, Italy.


San Michele is an installation inside that interventions of planning that functionally foresaw integrated urban or rural systems in the territory and founded during the twenty years of Benito Mussolini’s fascist dictatorship in Italy. They have been, in the greatest part of the cases, foundations of various town planning typology, programs almost always within a planning territorial of the agricultural territory, that often foresaw the water-environmental redevelopment of vast areas. The installations so servants, in the greatest part of the cases, they were programmed for occupying a modest territorial extension, and they had a specific rural character or of service center for the shed agricultural installation.

This place surrounded by the fields on the island of Sardinia appears desert and in downfall currently, but it’s excellent to go by bicycle and to stay to draw or to paint.
In this watercolor I have chosen the horizontal cut, that I always prefer when I paint a landscape. The desert road makes well the lost atmosphere of this borough. The heat of the tall sun in the sky is underlined by the dry grass in the foreground.

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