1UP Crew graffiti in Berlin.


A typical night scene in Berlin seen by the window to the first floor of a flat.
Tied up bicycles with lacking pieces stolen who knows how long, the closed shops, groups of boys that go home after an evening passed in the bierlokalen and the graffitis that serve as frame to the everything in the city.
These are the recognizable tags left by the members of the international crew “1up”, visible anywhere on the walls, on the trains and in the subways of Europe.
Have you seen this tag anywhere?

To paint night scenes, with the watercolors, it takes real guts because of the strong contrasts and of the very dense campitures of pigment.
You always risks to make to seem all a guache painting rather than a watercolor painting, or you also risks always to stay too much clear.
For this motive, in case of a painting of a night scene, I suggest always to begin in negative.
And you, what do you think about the night scene watercolor paintings?