Rambla de Santa Mònica, Barcelona.


With sorrow I have known about the slaughter on the Ramblases, avenues in Barcelona full of life and people from the world that walk. This is my memory and so I hope can be in the future also.
A beautiful boulevard planted with trees that it crosses the historical city up to the harbour area, in which a lot of times have passed when I lived to Barcelona and where I have drawn a lot.
This watercolor was painted in the last winter, in december, under the Christmas days, done in the afternoon when the day leaves space to the night and people go out to look at the stands and markets.
The white of the sheet is almost disappeared and I has exploited the contrasts to give form to the people under the light of the steetlights and to the elements in faint light.

A street in Raval District, Barcelona, Spain.


The building of Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona occupies the original structure of three wings arranged in a U-shape around a large central courtyard: the Pati de les Dones, and the building that housed the former theatre of the Casa de Caritat, on what is today the Plaça Joan Corominas.
In 2011, the CCCB incorporated a new building, the Teatre CCCB, the former Casa de Caritat theatre, refurbished by architects E. Torres and M.Lapeña.
There is a glass facade that has become a mirror of the urban landscape and a lookout point over the city.
This building, with some big irregular windows, offers a chance to experiment with some reflections like a mirrors play.
I have the darkest backlight people positioned against the lighting area of the painting for high contrast.
Well, I tried to get the effect here of the sun beating down on the place.

Plaça dels Angels, Barcelona, Spain.


In the centre of Barcelona’s historic old town, there is the MACBA, designed by architect Richard Meyer and partners. Opposite the main museum, in the medieval Convent dels Àngels for which the square is named, a chapel has been converted into a separate
exposition area known as the Capella del MACBA, with regular video art performances. Plaça dels Angels became the epicentre of skateboarding in Barcelona and one of the most famous skate meccas in the world.
MACBA can get crazy with loads of skaters and pedestrians trying to move about without tripping over each other, especially at the summer weekends. Such a beautiful square, as you turn around, there’s plenty of painting subjects and at different times of the day.
Cement has many colours if you stare at them long enough so a chance to play around with different watercolour techniques like wet in wet and some dry brush strokes.
A couple of figures in the foreground adds a bit of contrast.