Bosa Waterfront


Bosa is a little town located in norh-western Sardinia, between Alghero and Oristano.
This is its waterfront on the Temo River, in this watercolor painting you can see the medieval castle built on the top of Serravalle hill and the old bridge.
Origin of this town is very ancient and you can find traces about since the Phoenician Age.

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Ostiense neighborhood in Rome, Italy.


Since 2012 in the Ostiense neighborhood  there is a new bridge, the bridge “Settimia Spizzichino”, who was the only survivor of a group of 50 Italian Jewish women deported to the death camps of Auschwitz, in Poland, by the Nazis in the Second World War. Painting under precarious lighting is very interesting because the contrasts increase and artificial lights gain more power than natural light and in addition, with watercolors, you have to be fast to painting these effects.
In this case, vehicle headlights help define the foreground that, unlike, for the present darkness, would confuse itself with the background near the horizon line.