1UP Crew graffiti in Berlin.


A typical night scene in Berlin seen by the window to the first floor of a flat.
Tied up bicycles with lacking pieces stolen who knows how long, the closed shops, groups of boys that go home after an evening passed in the bierlokalen and the graffitis that serve as frame to the everything in the city.
These are the recognizable tags left by the members of the international crew “1up”, visible anywhere on the walls, on the trains and in the subways of Europe.
Have you seen this tag anywhere?

To paint night scenes, with the watercolors, it takes real guts because of the strong contrasts and of the very dense campitures of pigment.
You always risks to make to seem all a guache painting rather than a watercolor painting, or you also risks always to stay too much clear.
For this motive, in case of a painting of a night scene, I suggest always to begin in negative.
And you, what do you think about the night scene watercolor paintings?

Painting Verona: stairway for Castel San Pietro in watercolor.


One of the most suggestive places in Verona and gratifying to cross. This stairway begins at via Stefano from an extremity of the old Stone Bridge and goes on the Hill St. Pietro up to the homonym castle. In this case, I have made only an express sketch standing and I have completed subsequently everything because I was in front of the semaphore and in the middle of  people that passed.
It is a good method that helps to develop the skills of observation and to memorize the details.
Simply, the principal elements of the composition are drawn and  later are written which colors will be used in the different areas.
This is just one of a series of watercolor paintings done on these stairways, that offer beautiful views of the city and the surrounding hills. Step by step tutorial available for this watercolor painting, for more info email me at info@streetdrawingsmauser.net.

Plaça dels Angels, Barcelona, Spain.


In the centre of Barcelona’s historic old town, there is the MACBA, designed by architect Richard Meyer and partners. Opposite the main museum, in the medieval Convent dels Àngels for which the square is named, a chapel has been converted into a separate
exposition area known as the Capella del MACBA, with regular video art performances. Plaça dels Angels became the epicentre of skateboarding in Barcelona and one of the most famous skate meccas in the world.
MACBA can get crazy with loads of skaters and pedestrians trying to move about without tripping over each other, especially at the summer weekends. Such a beautiful square, as you turn around, there’s plenty of painting subjects and at different times of the day.
Cement has many colours if you stare at them long enough so a chance to play around with different watercolour techniques like wet in wet and some dry brush strokes.
A couple of figures in the foreground adds a bit of contrast.