On the beach, draw in Sardinia


Just to show what it’s like drawing and painting outdoors in Sardinia in summer, here’s a quiet western beach and a simple ballpoint pen sketch.

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A five minutes holiday sketch in Sardinia.

A girl and her boyfriend windsurfer, they parked near my mobile studio and I immediately took advantage of it.
Even on holiday you can draw,  just a simple pen, a sketchbook, and eyes to see the opportunities.

Learning is easy!

Students in Milan, Italy.


A parking is the better school to draw human figures.
For these girls I used a pencil, two  watercolor godets and a mop brush.
A few minutes of study and can be obtained a natural result about positions and outlines.

A sketch with ink.


Just a little drawing from my sketchbook, a figures study made with black ink and smooth paper 220g. When there is little time and little space for the equipment, the sketchbook it is perfect to record the details and to take notes.
For this reason the urban sketchers are inseparable from their sketchbook.
It’s a very useful technique also for the watercolor beginners, in my opinion.
In this case, I’ve used it to draw a daily scene visible every morning in Piazza Erbe to Verona, with the urban officers that check the sellers of the stands of the street market.

The town of Oviedo, Asturias, Spain.


The town of Oviedo is in the autonomous Asturias region of northern Spain, between the sea Mar Cantabrico (or Bay of Biscay) and the Cantabria Range. Oviedo is the starting point of the Original Way or Camino Primitivo to Santiago de Compostela.
The medieval part of town, whose thirteenth century walls are still largely intact, consists of three streets running north-south and a principal route running from east to west.
In this case, or when it’s a street scene, normally I approach the painting in this way: quickly draw in a series of people, at different sizes of course, then draw the background afterwards and not doing too much detail for the background.

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