Bosa Waterfront


Bosa is a little town located in norh-western Sardinia, between Alghero and Oristano.
This is its waterfront on the Temo River, in this watercolor painting you can see the medieval castle built on the top of Serravalle hill and the old bridge.
Origin of this town is very ancient and you can find traces about since the Phoenician Age.

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A street in Raval District, Barcelona, Spain.


The building of Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona occupies the original structure of three wings arranged in a U-shape around a large central courtyard: the Pati de les Dones, and the building that housed the former theatre of the Casa de Caritat, on what is today the Plaça Joan Corominas.
In 2011, the CCCB incorporated a new building, the Teatre CCCB, the former Casa de Caritat theatre, refurbished by architects E. Torres and M.Lapeña.
There is a glass facade that has become a mirror of the urban landscape and a lookout point over the city.
This building, with some big irregular windows, offers a chance to experiment with some reflections like a mirrors play.
I have the darkest backlight people positioned against the lighting area of the painting for high contrast.
Well, I tried to get the effect here of the sun beating down on the place.