Torre Grande, Sardinia West Coast.


A beautifull marine town near Oristano, it’s a ideal place for drawing and watercolor practice.
This is the crossing toward the spanish tower and you can see that the sun in Sardinia, during summer, is a really hard sun that give paintings with big contrast effects.

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A five minutes holiday sketch in Sardinia.

A girl and her boyfriend windsurfer, they parked near my mobile studio and I immediately took advantage of it.
Even on holiday you can draw,  just a simple pen, a sketchbook, and eyes to see the opportunities.

Learning is easy!

Surfers, fulltimers and digital nomads in Tarifa.


The old town of Tarifa is situated at the southern most point in Europe, just 15 kilometres from Africa, where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic Ocean and enjoys spectacular views. The town is an excellent destination for lovers of water sports, and it’s a party town with a quiet atmosphere.
The wind blows almost all year round making it one of most famous destinations
for windsurfers in the entire world.
But it’s also a famous destination for digital nomads and fulltimers because it still gets many warm sunny days, when it’s freezing in Northern Europe.
This watercolor painting is a life scene near the beach with vans. I’ve painted the sky with one only wash to get a bit of freshness, with wet on wet it’s not always easy.